Lecture: Living in Abundance


  • Spiritual wealth that pays the bills
  • Prayer that conquers lack, distress and disease
  • The love of God that supplies your needs

Have you ever worried about having enough money, security, love, or health? This lecture explores how understanding true abundance can conquer lack, distress and disease. It explains abundance from a spiritual point of view—as spirituality lived and expressed. It shows how living true to one’s spirituality yields more wisdom, love, joy, and mental freedom, and enables one to make wiser decisions, form happier relationships and stay healthy. It points out how true abundance starts not with a larger paycheck, but with spiritual mindedness, which in turn leads to the strength, health, wisdom and supply that enable one to experience life’s finest joys.

Join lecturer Evan Mehlenbacher
2:00 pm on November 3
at The Lyceum.

201 South Washington St
Alexandria, VA


Evan Mehlenbacher is an international speaker on the healing power of prayer. Shortly after graduating from Stanford, Evan was asked by others to pray for them, and they were healed. To help others full-time, he left the family farming business in 1987, and became a practitioner, and a few years later, a teacher of Christian Science. From Richland, Washington, Evan has traveled widely inspiring audiences with spiritual perspective that helps them find health, happiness and healing.