Reading Room

The Reading Room is a combination library, bookstore and study center with writings on Christian Science including Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and all of Mary Baker Eddy’s other writings, Bibles, Bible commentaries, the internationally acclaimed Christian Science Monitor and many other resources to aid your study of Christian Science.

Hours of Operation:  The Reading Room is currently closed but items can be purchased when needed. Please contact us at or 703-683-0129 with your requests. We are located at 691 S. Washington St, Alexandria VA.

The Reading Room features:

      • A variety of Bible translations and Bible study aids
      • Books, magazines, newspaper, and CDs all focused on practical spirituality in today’s world – anyone can purchase, read, or borrow them
      • Articles and verified personal accounts of how individuals have found breakthroughs for nearly every life problem by approaching them from a spiritual standpoint
      • Online tools to help research a particular spiritual interest
      • Quiet, comfortable corners in which to read, or simply be quiet with one’s thoughts
      • A librarian always on duty to help you find what you need