Lecture: Living in Abundance


  • Spiritual wealth that pays the bills
  • Prayer that conquers lack, distress and disease
  • The love of God that supplies your needs

Have you ever worried about having enough money, security, love, or health? This lecture explores how understanding true abundance can conquer lack, distress and disease. It explains abundance from a spiritual point of view—as spirituality lived and expressed. It shows how living true to one’s spirituality yields more wisdom, love, joy, and mental freedom, and enables one to make wiser decisions, form happier relationships and stay healthy. It points out how true abundance starts not with a larger paycheck, but with spiritual mindedness, which in turn leads to the strength, health, wisdom and supply that enable one to experience life’s finest joys.

Join lecturer Evan Mehlenbacher
2:00 pm on November 3
at The Lyceum.

201 South Washington St
Alexandria, VA


Evan Mehlenbacher is an international speaker on the healing power of prayer. Shortly after graduating from Stanford, Evan was asked by others to pray for them, and they were healed. To help others full-time, he left the family farming business in 1987, and became a practitioner, and a few years later, a teacher of Christian Science. From Richland, Washington, Evan has traveled widely inspiring audiences with spiritual perspective that helps them find health, happiness and healing.


Lecture: The Science of Christianity

Saturday, June 25, 3:00 PM
Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist
5510 16th Street, NW, Washington

Can there really be a science to Christianity, and spiritual laws that can be proven? This free talk by Christian Science healer and speaker Mary Alice Rose, will explore answers to these questions. Also, examples that illustrate the spiritual law “God is Love” (from the book of lst John in the Bible) will be shared.

This talk is sponsored by Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist in Washington, DC.


Lecture: The Healing Comforter

Sunday, June 26, 2:30 PM
890 North McKinley Road
Arlington, VA 22205

Hear biblical and modern-day examples of how God’s great love for His creation has brought and continues to bring healing to people and communities everywhere. Come to this free talk by Mary Alice Rose, a practitioner of Christian Science healing.

This talk is sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist in Arlington.


Lecture: You are an Heir (Usted es un Heredero)

Thursday, June 23, 7:30 PM
Christian Science Reading Room
921 South Walter Reed Drive
Arlington, VA

Hear how God’s love is present here and now. This free talk, given in Spanish, will be given by José Rodríguez Peláez, a practitioner of Christian Science from Malaga, Spain.

This talk is sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist in McLean and First Church of Christ, Scientist in Alexandria.


Lecture: Realizing Your Closeness to God

Sunday June 12th, 2:00 pm
Christian Science Reading Room
1st Floor of the Rotunda Mall
711 West 40th Street, Baltimore

You are invited to a free talk to discover:

  • How to experience God’s presence in your life, freeing from fear and bringing healing
  • How to practice effective prayer that establishes your ability to respond to God’s healing answers

This talk is sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist in Baltimore.